5 USB Keyboard Models for Gamers

You are a gamer and want to find the perfect USB keyboard? In this review, you will find the best keyboards for gaming in 2021. Compare their characteristics and figure out which one is the most suitable for you.

How a Keyboard Influence the Game Process

To perform in games well, a player needs to have the best conditions for them. It includes a large computer display, a suitable gaming mouse, a comfortable chair or sofa, and many other important details. One of such details is a keyboard. There are many different keyboards on the market right now and it seems to find a good one is pretty simple. Nevertheless, to find such one you need to consider some important features:
• Convenience. Be sure that it’s comfortable for you to play using a keyboard. Usually, they are designed pretty similarly. However, there may be some little differences that can negatively affect your performance in the game. Consider the locating of all the buttons and make sure they are fine for you.
• Ghost keys. Usually, gaming keyboards allow pressing more than 20 buttons simultaneously while the common ones are limited only to 4 keys at a one-time maximum. It’s very useful for shooters as you can combine moving, turning, jumping, and crouching.
• Macros. It allows making an act come into force by pressing a key or several keys. Be careful as some online games consider macros as a cheat.
• Style. It’s always great to use a keyboard and other stuff that you like. The design of keyboards varies a lot. Among such a large diversity, there is one that you’ll enjoy the most.

Best Gaming USB Keyboards in 2021

Every player has a unique gaming style and personal preferences for a keyboard. In this way, it’s pretty hard to objectively state which keyboard is the best one. Although, we researched different sources to figure out which keyboards are the most popular among gamers right now.
Check out our top:
• Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT – a great black keyboard provided with five onboard profiles. It has a wrist rest to keep the player’s hands relaxed. PBT double-shot keycaps make it strong and sustainable. It’s a perfect variant for streamers as there is Elgato Stream Deck that allows initially set the video options.
• SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL – an attractive keyboard in a minimalistic style with RGB backlighting. It looks great indeed! It’s durable which makes any it very hard to damage. Despite this, it has snappy mechanical switches. In the corner locates the OLED display showing any images or animations you want.
• HyperX Alloy Origins – another minimalistic variant with a good price. There are no many special features. However, it’s a strong point of the keyboard as it is very compact. It has a detachable USB-C cable and a great chassis. Also, gamers appreciate this keyboard for its proprietary switches.
• Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – a very creative variant of a keyboard. It looks very stylish as it split and has great RGB lighting. Also, there is a very convenient plush wrist rest. So, it’s an extremely comfortable keyboard. It has many MX switches of red, brown, and blue colors.
• Asus ROG Strix Scope TKL Electro Punk – a perfect combination of black and pink colors. It’s tenkeyless that means it has only 84 buttons. A player can control media using this keyboard. Also, it’s possible to customize each RGB lighting bar for each button.