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Teenagers and Eating Disorders: Let’s Look at the Leading Cause of Teenage Suicide

Health is everyone’s responsibility and the responsibility of kids and teens should not be taken lightly. Our health affects us physically and mentally and may even cause us to lose our lives. Today more than ever kids and teens are becoming more aware of their overall health and how it affects their lives in the long run. In a time where more kids are becoming more active and involved with sports, there is also an increase in the kids and teens who are becoming more aware of what is going on within their own bodies. The Healthy Teens site aims to give teens and kids advice on everything that concerns health and wellness.

The Healthy Teens site covers a very wide spectrum of health issues for teens and kids. Some of the most popular health topics on this site include physical, mental, social and emotional wellness, food safety, healthy eating, exercise, sleep and stress management. Just about every health topic you can think of, there is probably an article, video or blog on this site that talks about it. There are even articles on parenting and teens that talk about how to get your kids and teens involved in the physical aspect of health. This includes exercise as a key component to staying both mentally and physically healthy.

Other health concerns for teens and kids include depression, suicide and other forms of mental health problems. As we all know, suicide is a serious issue. If something in your life is causing you a lot of worry and/or pain, it is probably a good idea to make sure you let someone you trust know about it. There are many warning signs that can indicate that a teen or child may be depressed, such as changes in behavior, sleeping too much or not being able to concentrate as well as they once could. Another sign of depression is that they are withdrawing from friends and family members and even themselves.

Bullying is another major cause of concern among young adults and teens. Teens and young adults have become the victims of cyber bullying, which makes it one of the leading cause of alarm for school administrators, parents and teachers. Internet bullying has become more than a trend; it has become the plague. Unfortunately, because of the anonymity associated with the internet, it can often go unchecked and kids feel that they can get away with it. Teens need to know that if they are being bullied online, they need to tell their bullies what they’re doing online. Sometimes the victims don’t even realize that what they’re doing online is bullying until someone tells them.

One of the biggest health risks for teens and young adults is actually connected to suicide. Suicides are rising significantly in schools across the country and a large part of the reason is because of the rising number of suicides occurring within school classrooms. Teens and young adults who are experiencing bullying may find themselves feeling very depressed or lonely, and ultimately feeling that they just can’t cope. Suicides become more common in those with diagnosable disorders.

Eating disorders and becoming obese in our youth are also a growing concern in our nation. Recent studies indicate that there is a correlation between obesity and childhood depression and substance abuse. Depression and substance abuse can lead to a variety of other health risks such as heart disease and diabetes. One of the best ways to combat these high health risks is through education about nutrition and physical activity.

Teens, especially those with eating disorders, are very likely to turn to suicide by their early adulthood. There are approximately one million teenagers and children who are suffering from depression. This number is steadily rising and we know that bullying has become a significant factor in this increase. In many cases, the victims aren’t even realizing that they’re struggling with serious mental health issues until they’ve reached their teen years and there’s already a pronounced risk of suicide. The most important thing for kids suffering from eating disorders is to seek help for themselves if they need it.

One of the leading causes of death among teens today is suicide and it’s important for parents to become familiar with the symptoms of suicide in their children so that they can better identify them when they see anything suspicious. Just because your teen or child may be trying to do something different at the time doesn’t mean that it isn’t related to depression or another mental health issue. Just because there are warning signs doesn’t always mean that your child will commit suicide. It is important to take the necessary steps to get help if you have reason to believe that your child may be dealing with serious mental health issues.

Getting Professional Help for Your Kids’ Health Problems

Getting good health is something that everyone needs. Whether you’re a mom or a dad, a teacher or a student, life is more complicated than it used to be. Kids and teens need to get healthy too. When I was growing up, my mother always told me that the best way to get a good, healthy body was to eat right. She was right!

The doctor-reviewed information on over hundreds of behavioral, physical, emotional, and psychological topics. Easy-to-understand, easy-to-do articles, interactive lessons, videos, tips and tricks to keep you informed, improve, and be your own best advocate. Separate categories for kids and teens, made just for them, with their specific questions in mind. Eating habits, fitness, exercise, and self-esteem have their own sections. With interactive quizzes, activities, and games, they can get the knowledge they need in order to live healthy.

Teenagers are not immune to developing a mental health problem. Many teenagers have depression. Depression can affect both your teen and your entire family. It is important for your teenager to get professional help if they are depressed. Your teen’s school performance can be affected by their depression.

Teens are also affected by their diet, physical activity habits, substance abuse, sexual activity, smoking, suicidal thoughts, eating habits, and school performance. Teenagers go through tough times and there are many unhealthy habits associated with that. Healthy habits like reading, exercising, having good communication with others, sleeping well, being physically active, avoiding junk food, staying away from drugs and alcohol, quitting smoking, and getting a good education can take teens to a better place. These habits will lead to healthier and happier lives. Teenage girls are more likely to engage in unsafe sex, use illegal drugs, smoke cigarettes, binge drink, and use tobacco than boys.

School performance might also be affected by your teen’s mental health. If your child is constantly worried about school performance, it might be because of depression. There might need to be professional help for your teen if he or she is struggling in school.

Teenagers who are not in school have other health problems including drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, violence, depression, sexual violence, eating disorders, and health includes eating disorders. Healthy habits can help them avoid health problems. These health problems include smoking, drug addiction, obesity, high blood pressure, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and self-injurious behavior. They might need help from a health professional like a psychiatrist, psychologist, nutritionist, or family member.

Exercise is important for teenagers. Regular exercise keeps them physically fit and mentally stimulated. Regular exercise also helps keep them away from unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. In order to get good physical and mental health, teenagers should engage in physical activities like playing sports, going to the gym, walking, running, skating, biking, swimming, or aerobic classes.

Eating healthy foods can improve their mental health problems. Studies have shown that teens who eat healthy are less likely to develop health problems such as obesity, heart disease, depression, suicide, substance abuse, and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer. They also enjoy better social well-being. Healthy eating habits help teens reduce their risks of developing health problems like cancer, heart disease, depression, suicide, substance abuse, asthma, and other diseases. Adolescent nutrition needs the same care and attention that any other child does. A nutritionist can guide you through a meal plan, teach proper eating habits, explain the consequences of overeating, motivate you to eat right, and provide you with the tools you need to change your eating habits.

Teenagers may be prone to illnesses due to the hormonal changes they go through during puberty. During this time, the body produces a large amount of human growth hormone (HGH). This makes the body grow and develop at an extraordinary rate. However, when the body’s physical health declines, HGH production drops along with other important hormones. To prevent teenage mental health problems caused by HGH deficiency, parents must make sure that their teen has regular checkups with a pediatrician, receives a regular dose of Vitamin D and calcium, eats a balanced diet, and exercises regularly.

Another serious health problem affecting adolescents is anxiety disorder. Teens who experience anxiety disorder are at risk for developing depression and suicidal thoughts. If your teen exhibits signs of depression, then he or she might need to consult a health professional for treatment. Depending on the type of depression in your teen is suffering from, he or she might need cognitive behavioral therapy and/or prescription medication.

There are many health problems that plague kids today. Teens and their parents must be aware of the dangers facing their kids. If your teen is displaying signs of poor health, you might need to get professional help for your child. You can get the facts on the various health risks your child is facing from different health professionals. You can also talk to your kid about his or her feelings on the subject to find out how he or she feels about the issue.

Choosing Gaming Laptop – Important Rules from Reddit

You are a gamer, but don’t know what characteristics are the most important for buying a new laptop? Check out this article! We’ve researched a lot of subreddits to define the most important features for gaming laptop Reddit.

Rules of Choosing a Gaming Laptop

It may seem pretty easy as the majority is convinced that the most expensive device performs the best. Nevertheless, there are numerous details you need to notice to select the best laptop for you as a lot depends on which aims do you have. Different games require different characteristics.
Reddit users advice to define several details before searching for a laptop to buy:
• What budget do you have? You may save a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary features. As an example, playing the majority of indie games a player doesn’t need terabytes of free space on the hard disk or have an amazing graphics card. However, if there is no problem spending a big sum of money, you won’t regret buying a device with the strongest characteristics.
• Check which laptops are trusted. For example, if you have any friends playing computer games, it’s good to ask them about their devices. It’s better to know what to expect to form a laptop.
• Do you need a large screen? Accordingly, a 15-inch screen is enough for comfortable gaming. Make sure if it is significant for you or not.
• Decide what you want from your laptop. Do you need a lot of space? Are you going to play games with incredible graphics? Are there any additional features you want to use?
Completing such preparation will make you find a laptop much faster and efficiently.

The Main Characteristics of a Top Gaming Laptop

Each gamer chooses a laptop according to their preferences. It means that someone considers a convenient display as the most important feature of a device, but someone pays no attention to it – both opinions are correct. Nevertheless, our Reddit research helped us to make a list of characteristics of a top gaming laptop:
• A great graphics chip. GPU must have excellent performance and deal with graphics of all modern games. The undeniable leader of such a field is Nvidia, so have no worries choosing its graphics cards.
• A modern CPU. A processor is the main part of any computer that connecting all its parts and provides efficient and fast working. The more cores and higher clock speeds are positively impacted the whole performance of a laptop.
• A high-resolution display. As it was mentioned previously, a 15-inch full HD screen is an optimal variant for gaming. Although, if you want a resolution higher than 1080p, look for 17-inches display models. Remember, that such high resolution demands other hardware to be strong enough.
• Max-Q. Such a feature makes the software and hardware of a laptop work efficiently without any threat for them. The latest laptop models are usually very compact and thin that makes the process of their cooling much complex. Due to Max-Q, a performance of a laptop reduces in certain moments to avoid any overheating.
• A solid-state drive. SSD disks provide significantly faster processing and wake-from-sleep time comparing with HDD ones. Games will launch and loading way better. However, big SSDs are much more expensive.

Best Xbox Controller Charging Station in 2021

Almost every Xbox owner faced a problem when their controller became dead due to its batteries ran out of power. Xbox One controller charger is a great solution to such trouble! We prepared a list of the best chagrin station that are available on the market now.

What Is an Xbox Controller Charger

Everyone faced the challenge when a device ran out of power. It’s pretty annoying and may cause some problems. Moreover, when it turns to playing video games on an Xbox One and on the last steps to winning your controller is dying, it spoils all the excitement of playing. Also, have you ever thought of how is it expensive to regularly buy new batteries? Modern technology had advanced to overcome such a problem by providing charging stations.
There are a lot of charging stations for Xbox One controllers available in the market. Their effectivity may vary depending on the cost, so the most expensive ones provide more than 30 hours of charge for a controller, and cheaper ones provide about 12 hours without a charge. In this way, a player has a lot of time to play their favorite games without any risk of being suddenly interrupted by running out of power. Also, you can keep playing while a controller recharging.
Besides, the time of charging with controller charges is quite short. It takes from 2 to 10 hours for different models. It is greatly designed with LED lights that will alert a player when the charge is full.

Top Xbox Controller Charging Stations

There is a big competition between numerous charging stations right now. Nevertheless, we’ve researched the whole market and prepared a list of the best Xbox One controller chargers. We took into account not only the most expensive models but all the variants that have some advantages and good value for money.
• Fosmon’s Dual Controller Charger – a great station that has 1000mAH batteries that allow to play up to 22 hours straight. In this case, it’s possible to play the whole week without charging depending on how much time you spend on it. Recharging of this station doesn’t take a lot of time – 6 hours is maximum. The charger has an unusual design that perfectly feats Xbox style.
• Snakebyte Twin Charge X – a cheaper model in comparison with the previous one. Accordingly, it provides fewer functions: about 11 hours of playing straight, 800mAH batteries, and it needs 10 hours to recharge. Nevertheless, it’s still a good station and it has some benefits. For example, it’s designed strongly that may avoid any breakages and damages.
• CVIDA Dual Charging Station – the characteristics of this charger is quite the same as the previous model. However, it has much attractive design and many interesting style features. It’s angular and provides a LED strip that alarms a player when it’s fully charged. Also, it doesn’t necessarily need batteries to locate in the back of a controller to charge them.
• ESYWEN Dual Charging Station – a cost-saving alternative to all the mentioned models. However, it doesn’t mean that this charger is useless. It guarantees you playing 7 hours straight and needs only 4 hours of recharge. If you don’t mind recharging it often, this model is pretty good. It’s durable and doesn’t need a lot of space to locate.

5 USB Keyboard Models for Gamers

You are a gamer and want to find the perfect USB keyboard? In this review, you will find the best keyboards for gaming in 2021. Compare their characteristics and figure out which one is the most suitable for you.

How a Keyboard Influence the Game Process

To perform in games well, a player needs to have the best conditions for them. It includes a large computer display, a suitable gaming mouse, a comfortable chair or sofa, and many other important details. One of such details is a keyboard. There are many different keyboards on the market right now and it seems to find a good one is pretty simple. Nevertheless, to find such one you need to consider some important features:
• Convenience. Be sure that it’s comfortable for you to play using a keyboard. Usually, they are designed pretty similarly. However, there may be some little differences that can negatively affect your performance in the game. Consider the locating of all the buttons and make sure they are fine for you.
• Ghost keys. Usually, gaming keyboards allow pressing more than 20 buttons simultaneously while the common ones are limited only to 4 keys at a one-time maximum. It’s very useful for shooters as you can combine moving, turning, jumping, and crouching.
• Macros. It allows making an act come into force by pressing a key or several keys. Be careful as some online games consider macros as a cheat.
• Style. It’s always great to use a keyboard and other stuff that you like. The design of keyboards varies a lot. Among such a large diversity, there is one that you’ll enjoy the most.

Best Gaming USB Keyboards in 2021

Every player has a unique gaming style and personal preferences for a keyboard. In this way, it’s pretty hard to objectively state which keyboard is the best one. Although, we researched different sources to figure out which keyboards are the most popular among gamers right now.
Check out our top:
• Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT – a great black keyboard provided with five onboard profiles. It has a wrist rest to keep the player’s hands relaxed. PBT double-shot keycaps make it strong and sustainable. It’s a perfect variant for streamers as there is Elgato Stream Deck that allows initially set the video options.
• SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL – an attractive keyboard in a minimalistic style with RGB backlighting. It looks great indeed! It’s durable which makes any it very hard to damage. Despite this, it has snappy mechanical switches. In the corner locates the OLED display showing any images or animations you want.
• HyperX Alloy Origins – another minimalistic variant with a good price. There are no many special features. However, it’s a strong point of the keyboard as it is very compact. It has a detachable USB-C cable and a great chassis. Also, gamers appreciate this keyboard for its proprietary switches.
• Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB – a very creative variant of a keyboard. It looks very stylish as it split and has great RGB lighting. Also, there is a very convenient plush wrist rest. So, it’s an extremely comfortable keyboard. It has many MX switches of red, brown, and blue colors.
• Asus ROG Strix Scope TKL Electro Punk – a perfect combination of black and pink colors. It’s tenkeyless that means it has only 84 buttons. A player can control media using this keyboard. Also, it’s possible to customize each RGB lighting bar for each button.

how to use xbox one stereo headset adapter

Do you have trouble connecting headphones with your console? Xbox One stereo headset adapter can be a perfect solution! Reading this article, you will learn all the functions and features provided by this device.

Advantages of Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Not all headphones can be connected with Xbox One. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no way to connect incompatible headphones to a console. Meet the original adapter for headphones, which are not officially compatible with the Xbox One and don’t have an adapter for connecting a microphone to the console. In such a way, it allows connecting numerous wired stereo headsets.
The list of its benefits includes:
• Connection of the majority of wired headsets.
• Regulating the balance of the game and chat separately.
• Muting the audio of a chat.
• Controlling all the volume simultaneously.
• The possibility to use it with other devices. As an example, it could be a laptop or a smartphone. The main requirement is a 3.5-mm audio jack.

How to Use the Headset Adapter

The device is pretty easy to set and use. It will take you a few moments to figure out how it works. In this way, a user needs to follow several steps to get the device ready to work:
1. Install the latest update of the Controller. The old versions can cause some troubles with the device working or don’t provide any connection at all.
2. Check the batteries. It’s better if they are new.
3. Insert the Adapter into the rectangular expansion port located on the bottom of the controller.
4. Insert the 3.5-mm audio plug attached to the Stereo Headset into the bottom of the device.
5. Then, set your headset most conveniently for you.
So, after this, the device is ready for usage. Furthermore, there are some additional helpful functions that are needed to be reviewed:
• To balance game audio and chat audio use two buttons that are located on the left side of the device. Due to this, a user can make a game louder than a chat and vice versa. Usually, it’s set 50/50 by default, but in this way, it could be 0/100 or 100/0 if you want. Press the top button and the controller icon to regulate the game volume. To change the volume of a chat, press the top button and the person icon.
• Remember, that if you are playing on a TV, the TV’s volume is regulating separately.
• To mute chat audio, use the central button. The orange LED lights indicated if you are muted or not. Remember, that it doesn’t mute a game, music, or app audio. It makes other users not hear you.
• On the right are located buttons that turn the game and chat volume up or down. Using these buttons, you will regulate the volume of both chat and game simultaneously.
Such a device is a very convenient device that will help you to connect almost any headphones with the console. It’s great indeed as there are a lot of good headsets that are not compatible with the Xbox. Moreover, it’s pretty useful and convenient to use sound control functions provided by the Adapter.