Choosing Gaming Laptop – Important Rules from Reddit

You are a gamer, but don’t know what characteristics are the most important for buying a new laptop? Check out this article! We’ve researched a lot of subreddits to define the most important features for gaming laptop Reddit.

Rules of Choosing a Gaming Laptop

It may seem pretty easy as the majority is convinced that the most expensive device performs the best. Nevertheless, there are numerous details you need to notice to select the best laptop for you as a lot depends on which aims do you have. Different games require different characteristics.
Reddit users advice to define several details before searching for a laptop to buy:
• What budget do you have? You may save a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary features. As an example, playing the majority of indie games a player doesn’t need terabytes of free space on the hard disk or have an amazing graphics card. However, if there is no problem spending a big sum of money, you won’t regret buying a device with the strongest characteristics.
• Check which laptops are trusted. For example, if you have any friends playing computer games, it’s good to ask them about their devices. It’s better to know what to expect to form a laptop.
• Do you need a large screen? Accordingly, a 15-inch screen is enough for comfortable gaming. Make sure if it is significant for you or not.
• Decide what you want from your laptop. Do you need a lot of space? Are you going to play games with incredible graphics? Are there any additional features you want to use?
Completing such preparation will make you find a laptop much faster and efficiently.

The Main Characteristics of a Top Gaming Laptop

Each gamer chooses a laptop according to their preferences. It means that someone considers a convenient display as the most important feature of a device, but someone pays no attention to it – both opinions are correct. Nevertheless, our Reddit research helped us to make a list of characteristics of a top gaming laptop:
• A great graphics chip. GPU must have excellent performance and deal with graphics of all modern games. The undeniable leader of such a field is Nvidia, so have no worries choosing its graphics cards.
• A modern CPU. A processor is the main part of any computer that connecting all its parts and provides efficient and fast working. The more cores and higher clock speeds are positively impacted the whole performance of a laptop.
• A high-resolution display. As it was mentioned previously, a 15-inch full HD screen is an optimal variant for gaming. Although, if you want a resolution higher than 1080p, look for 17-inches display models. Remember, that such high resolution demands other hardware to be strong enough.
• Max-Q. Such a feature makes the software and hardware of a laptop work efficiently without any threat for them. The latest laptop models are usually very compact and thin that makes the process of their cooling much complex. Due to Max-Q, a performance of a laptop reduces in certain moments to avoid any overheating.
• A solid-state drive. SSD disks provide significantly faster processing and wake-from-sleep time comparing with HDD ones. Games will launch and loading way better. However, big SSDs are much more expensive.