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how to use xbox one stereo headset adapter

Do you have trouble connecting headphones with your console? Xbox One stereo headset adapter can be a perfect solution! Reading this article, you will learn all the functions and features provided by this device.

Advantages of Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Not all headphones can be connected with Xbox One. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no way to connect incompatible headphones to a console. Meet the original adapter for headphones, which are not officially compatible with the Xbox One and don’t have an adapter for connecting a microphone to the console. In such a way, it allows connecting numerous wired stereo headsets.
The list of its benefits includes:
• Connection of the majority of wired headsets.
• Regulating the balance of the game and chat separately.
• Muting the audio of a chat.
• Controlling all the volume simultaneously.
• The possibility to use it with other devices. As an example, it could be a laptop or a smartphone. The main requirement is a 3.5-mm audio jack.

How to Use the Headset Adapter

The device is pretty easy to set and use. It will take you a few moments to figure out how it works. In this way, a user needs to follow several steps to get the device ready to work:
1. Install the latest update of the Controller. The old versions can cause some troubles with the device working or don’t provide any connection at all.
2. Check the batteries. It’s better if they are new.
3. Insert the Adapter into the rectangular expansion port located on the bottom of the controller.
4. Insert the 3.5-mm audio plug attached to the Stereo Headset into the bottom of the device.
5. Then, set your headset most conveniently for you.
So, after this, the device is ready for usage. Furthermore, there are some additional helpful functions that are needed to be reviewed:
• To balance game audio and chat audio use two buttons that are located on the left side of the device. Due to this, a user can make a game louder than a chat and vice versa. Usually, it’s set 50/50 by default, but in this way, it could be 0/100 or 100/0 if you want. Press the top button and the controller icon to regulate the game volume. To change the volume of a chat, press the top button and the person icon.
• Remember, that if you are playing on a TV, the TV’s volume is regulating separately.
• To mute chat audio, use the central button. The orange LED lights indicated if you are muted or not. Remember, that it doesn’t mute a game, music, or app audio. It makes other users not hear you.
• On the right are located buttons that turn the game and chat volume up or down. Using these buttons, you will regulate the volume of both chat and game simultaneously.
Such a device is a very convenient device that will help you to connect almost any headphones with the console. It’s great indeed as there are a lot of good headsets that are not compatible with the Xbox. Moreover, it’s pretty useful and convenient to use sound control functions provided by the Adapter.